What is Army Skillport?

As a soldier, you need to have a Skillport Army account because you must have various skills that can support your work. Besides all the general competence in the military field, your knowledge of different things is also essential.

Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) is needed to support your learning process because there are many programs you can choose and study according to your interests or needs. Army Skillport is one of the best options.

What is Army Skillport

What is Army Skillport?

Army Skillport is a program provided for soldiers to make them feel easier to learn various knowledge online and get promotion points during the course.
The program you take will convert into points. And you can use the points for promotion.

So basically, Skillport Army e-learning is made for soldiers as a learning medium as well as helping to get promotions in the future.

There are many skill options that you can learn through Skillport Army courses. However, the three main learning themes are business skills, information technology skills, and productivity and collaboration tools.

The above themes will be further divided into sub-discussions with more detailed content. You can see all of them through the Skillport Army correspondence courses list.

How to Register Skillport Army?

Before you can get all the benefits above, you must first be registered as a member of the Skillport Army. The registration process is easy and fast.

But only certain people can do the Skillport Army register. Only Active Army, Army National Guard, Army ROTC Cadet III and IV, Army Reservists, and Depth of Army civilians have the right to enlist here.

After registering for this training, you will have access to all available courses. You can take any course you want to complete without registering again.
Below are some steps to register you have to do:

Below are some steps to register you have to do:

  • First, visit the ATIS Army e-Learning webpage or this link.
  • After that, click on the Register for Army e-Learning, then Log in using your CAC Step.
  • Select Register for the Army e-Learning Program.
  • Then, you can Log in using your CAC (If you receive a message stating that you have an open reservation for this program, it means you have registered. Then you can access https://usarmy.skillport.com and click Forgot Password menu to get the password).

How to Register Skillport Army

  • You must complete all the information on the registration form, then click Submit at the bottom of the page.
  • After the system receives your registration, two emails will be sent from ATRRS. The first email contains your e-Learning username and the address you will use to log on to the courses. Meanwhile, the second email has your password.
  • After successfully logging into e-Learning, click Browse the Library at the top. After finding the desired course, click the launch link.

How do I Log in to Skillport Army?

After you register or take a class, the Skillport Army login process will be easier and faster. The methods include:

  • First, you must enter the address in your favorite browser
  • After that, the main page display will appear as below

How do I Log in to Skillport Army

  • Then fill in the username and password at the text’s bottom. Enter your Username and Password.
  • The display will change to your homepage.

How do I Log in to Skillport Army - Skillport Army Login

How to Log in to Skillport If You Forgot Username or Password

You don’t have to worry about forgetting your Skillport Army training account username or password because returning the account is relatively easy.

Forgot Username

If you forget your username, the fix is:

  • Go to the login page,
  • At the bottom of the Sign-in button, there are some red words. Select Click here to retrieve your username. After that, the page will direct you to a guide on username problems.

Skillport Army Login Forgot Username

  • If you have registered in the program before March 2, 2020, your username will be the same as your AKO Username. To find out, you can access this link. After that, click “Your Account” at the bottom of Personal Information, and you will find “Legacy UID.” Legacy UID this is your AKO username.
  • Whereas if you registered on March 2, 2020, or later, your username is the same as your enterprise email address ([email protected]) or your A365 email address ([email protected]), depending on the date that you transitioned to the new email.

Forgot Password

To recover an account because you forgot your password, do the following:

  • As before, you must go to the login page,

Skillport Army Login Forgot Password

  • Then Insert your Username in the box provided,
  • After that, click Send Password menu,
  • You can check the email registered with the Army Skillport account to receive a new password. Also, check your Spam/Junk email if it’s not in your inbox.

How Many Promotion Points Can I Earn With Army Skillport?

Promotion Points Army Skillport
Promotion Points Army Skillport

As stated earlier, during the course, you will get Skillport Army promotion points in 2022. These points can help you to get the promotion you dream of.

You will get one promotion point for every 5 hours of training attended. If you have completed an e-learning course, the time required for this training recorded in the ATRRS is about 3-5 days.

You can accumulate points that will be obtained according to the number of hours of courses that have been followed. However, keep in mind that a system will count promotion points if it has a minimum duration of 30 minutes.

How will I Receive the Course Completion Certificates?

Courses you complete will be transferred to ATRRS, after which the certificate will be sent via email within 3 – 5 days. You can also print the certificate via Skillport by clicking on the Learning Transcript link.

With the ease of registering and the benefits of joining the Skillport Army, you can register immediately. Collect lots of promotion points to get promoted quickly!