What is Army Skillport?

As a soldier, you need to have a Skillport Army account because you must have various skills that can support your work. Besides all the general competence in the military field, your knowledge of different things is also essential.

Army Correspondence Course Program (ACCP) is needed to support your learning process because there are many programs you can choose and study according to your interests or needs. Army Skillport is one of the best options.

What is Army Skillport

What is Army Skillport?

Army Skillport is a program provided for soldiers to make them feel easier to learn various knowledge online and get promotion points during the course.
The program you take will convert into points. And you can use the points for promotion.

So basically, Skillport Army e-learning is made for soldiers as a learning medium as well as helping to get promotions in the future.

There are many skill options that you can learn through Skillport Army courses. However, the three main learning themes are business skills, information technology skills, and productivity and collaboration tools.

The above themes will be further divided into sub-discussions with more detailed content. You can see all of them through the Skillport Army correspondence courses list.